Coping with a gambling spouse

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As with other segments of the population, most older adults enjoy gambling as a fun recreational activity. However, for some it can become an addiction, bringing potentially devastating consequences.

How to Support a Spouse in Gambling Addiction Recovery ... Supporting a spouse through addiction is difficult and is likely to put a strain on even the strongest and most loving relationships. As the partner of a gambler, there are a number of challenges you will face throughout the recovery process including: Feeling powerless while your partner is gambling "The Impact of Pathological Gambling on the Spouse of the ... The results indicate that the spouse of the compulsive gambler is affected by significant social, psychological, and economic stresses that can be directly related to the partner's gambling activities. The impact of such stresses can be observed in a variety of dysfunctional coping responses.

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3 Ways to Deal With a Gambling Addiction - wikiHow Pathological gambling ... but being inebriated is a big risk factor for problem gambling. Your coping ... How can I help my spouse stop gambling?

Gambling Husband Problem - Coping With a Spouse's Gambling

Getting Out From Under After Gambling Addiction According to gambling addiction treatment professionals, many cravings will dissipate over a period of 20 minutes to a half hour, according to gambling addiction treatment professionals. If you can make it through this time, you’ll be on your way to successfully overcoming urges. Identifying Coping Mechanisms | Psychology Today A coping mechanism could accurately be looked upon as a type ... such as reliance on alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs, gambling, or dysfunctional eating. Almost anything can become an ... How to Cope with Divorce in the 21st Century | Divorce ... This means putting away photos of you and your ex-spouse, changing your last name, paying your own bills, and so on. Also, start to reduce your contact with your ex-spouse as much as possible keeping in mind that, if you have children, it may be more difficult to do this.

Many stop at stage four and never make it to recovery. But there is hope for those who do reach the recovery stage. With more attention to compulsive gambling and the tremendous cost to the individual, the gambling, and society, better treatments and coping skills will continue to be developed. Call to speak to a recovery specialist now.

Coping Strategies and Problem Gambling | Request PDF In DSM-IV, problem gambling is associated with symptoms such as escape, denial, and chasing. However, these symptoms could actually be underlying coping strategies that contribute to the problems ... "The Impact of Pathological Gambling on the Spouse of the ...