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Column: Bosses Must Watch Office Pools KFMB - San Diego,CA,USA There are also legal pitfalls surrounding those Super Bowl grids or NCAA brackets that people love to buy into or fill out _ this is illegal gambling, ... Oklahoma Gambling : Oklahoma Casinos and Oklahoma Gambling In fact, section makes it illegal to slot games participate in a private gaming function:. This means no social poker games, office casino pools, or making sports bets with your buddies. Wind Creek Casino Roulette ― Wind Creek Casino & Resort That includes friendly bets in office pools or play in charity bingo games, both of which are technically illegal under state law. March Madness Pools Don't Intersect With Legalized Sports How does a legalized sports betting environment impact the NCAA basketball March Madness pools in your office and home? Juan Blanco offers his take.

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But are office pools legal in Indiana? "No, gambling is illegal in the state of Indiana unless it is specifically accepted by statute, such as parimutuel betting and the riverboats." John Commons is Chief of staff with the Marion County Prosecutor's office. But in 26 years, he can't remember ever prosecuting such a case. "Given the number of ... Don't Roll the Dice on Office Pools - NIU - Human Resource ... Don’t Roll the Dice on Office Pools. Even casual betters may like to put down a bet during the Super Bowl or March Madness, but doing so on university time or with university resources is not allowed. Additionally, placing such a bet is likely considered illegal gambling in the State of Illinois. Sports Wagering | Washington State Gambling Commission

Placing a friendly wager in the office pool to can be a lot of fun. It can also be illegal. If you’re placing bets on a sports tournament, you’re probably violating federal law unless you’re in Nevada or one of the other three states that are exempted. You also may be violating your employer’s policies.

Staying Legal. Incredibly, federal law prohibits March Madness office pools. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act makes it illegal for a private person to operate a betting scheme ... Don't take a gamble with office pools -

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March madness will soon be underway. But are office pools legal? As employment lawyers, is it our responsibility to wipe out another hallowed workplace tradition just like we did with binge drinking and sexual harassment at office holiday parties? In California, according to Penal Code section 337a, gambling can be a felony or a misdemeanor. Gambling at Work: Everybody Out of the (Office) Pool ... Gambling at Work: Everybody Out of the (Office) Pool ... Florida has not taken any legislative action, so, at least for now, the office pool remains illegal here in the Sunshine State. Yes, Your March Madness Office Bracket is Technically Illegal