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Blackjack is a Decepticon Micromaster who has been inducted as one of the Stunticons for the new Combiner Wars line.While I’m not interested in Menasor as a whole, I really liked the look of Blackjack and I’m very pleased with how fun he turned out to be.

Apr 20, 2015 · We’ve shared with you the individuals in the Combiner Wars line – and today, we bring you the big guns! The Generations Combiner Wars line’s first two waves bring us updates of two iconic Generation 1 combiners, Superion and Menasor – and they together form this latest gallery update. The Combiner Wars gestalts are huge. Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Menasor | BrownBox … Apr 25, 2015 · At best, Blackjack just kind of rests there and will fall out if Menasor leans forward at all. There are multiple ways to fix this with varying effectiveness; I just put some tape around the tips of the pegs, which helps decently. Figure of the Day Review: Hasbro Transformers The most exciting tidbit is that in combiner mode, this little guy can cling to Motormaster's chest better than Rodimus could to Battle Core Optimus Prime or regular Blackjack could to Menasor. It's a tight fit - if you flop him around, he stays put. I'm impressed.

His black was mostly swapped for a richer shade of purple than what he had before, his gold windows turned black, and his purple trim replaced with an electric blue. These were going to be the colors of Motormaster's roller car, and since it also became Menasor's chest plate...

Stunticon (G1) - Transformers Wiki - Things quickly went downhill for the Stunticons: not only was Caminus devoid of any useful materials, but Blackjack's influence meant that Menasor was incapable of listening to reason or retreating. Menasor was summarily trounced by the similarly rebuilt Superion and the Stunticons were disassembled, sent back to Cybertron, and imprisoned. TFW's Combiner Wars Superion and Menasor Galleries ...

Page 204 of 215 - Transformers Toys - Deals & Discussion - posted in Non-gaming Deals: Really long post, since Ive saved stuff that I havent been able to complete until now. Reviews of Motormaster, Huffer, Blackjack, the Stunticons, and Menasor ^ As is Blackjack!

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On the first picture, I formed him in the default form without the addition of Blackjack. Notice the design on the chest which will remind you of Galvatron from Age of Extinction (both this and Dark of the Moon, I never liked watching them). Next is a close-up of Menasor's head, followed by my alternate version of the gestalt.

Part 7 features Lego Stunticon Blackjack who forms the chest plate of Menasor. Blackjack's frame borrows engineering from my previous Lambor model but on a much smaller scale. Blackjack is articulated with mixel tow ball joints, clip and bar hinges, and stud friction, enhancing play-ability and durability. "Generations" Combiner Wars Decepticon Blackjack Toy ... Touted as the "sixth member" of the Stunticon team, Decepticon Blackjack transforms into a sports car and robot but also has a third mode: a chest panel for the giant Menasor! However, the name "Blackjack" is actually a callback to a Micromaster, not a Stunticon. In "Generation One", Blackjack was a member of the Sports Car Patrol, a team of ... Interested in the Superion or Menasor upgrade kits? Take a ... The transformers community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.